GENERICO.ruWorldIn Turkey, a terrorist attack was prevented at a rally with the participation of Erdogan

In Turkey, a terrorist attack was prevented at a rally with the participation of Erdogan

ANKARA Dec 4th Turkish special services defused a bomb that could have exploded in the city of Siirt, where a rally was held with the participation of President Tayyip Erdogan, said Hamza Dag, deputy head of the ruling Justice and Development Party. he will arrive in Siirt. & lt; … & gt; They wanted to disrupt the rally. There are those who are trying to destroy the peaceful environment, “the politician said on CNN Turk. The worst currency in the world. Why Turkey is bogged down in problems In Turkey, rallies are held by both Erdogan's supporters and his opponents. Thus, in the city of Mersin in the south of the country, thousands of citizens came out to demand the resignation of the president amid the collapse of the national currency. In turn, the head of state, speaking in Siirt, said that more people came to his rally than to the opposition rally. The President called on citizens to maintain confidence in the national economy and promised to stabilize the situation. According to him, one of the reasons for the rise in prices was a strong rise in prices for raw materials on world markets. The Turkish currency has fallen in price from 7.4 lira per dollar to 13.9 since the beginning of the year. On November 23, it collapsed by 16 percent in a day, which was the maximum in the last 20 years. The decision of the Central Bank of Turkey on November 18 to reduce the discount rate from 16 to 15 percent led to the fall in the exchange rate. Erdogan made a televised speech in favor of a new cut in the discount rate, arguing that it would lead to lower inflation. Leaders of opposition parties accused the president of incompetence and called for an early vote. Erdogan rejected this initiative, stating that the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey will take place as planned in June 2023. In Turkey thousands of people took part in a rally demanding the resignation of Erdogan


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