GENERICO.ruRussiaOpera Center "E", titushki from NOD and again judge Krivoruchko

Opera Center “E”, titushki from NOD and again judge Krivoruchko

At the end of the year, the Ministry of Justice continues to work at an accelerated pace. This week the number of foreign media agents has exceeded one hundred. Law enforcement agencies and courts are not lagging behind. The ex-head of Navalny's * headquarters in Ufa, Lilia Chanysheva, was tried to be pressured by the escorts in order to force her to cooperate with the investigation. And the notorious judge Krivoruchko left in custody the sick rector of “Shaninka” Sergei Zuev, closing his eyes to all the arguments of the defense and ignoring the serious condition of the middle-aged man. For the latest political press news, see our Chronicle of Current Repressions.

Photo: RIA Novosti

new black marks: the register of the Ministry of Justice

Replenishment in the ranks of foreign agents

The Russian Ministry of Justice has included in the register of media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent, four journalists collaborating with one of the projects of Radio Liberty, which was declared a “foreign agent” back in 2017. Last week it became known that Oleg Elanchik, editor-in-chief of Sota.Vision, was blacklisted. Another register of foreign agents includes the human rights organization for the protection of the rights of conscripts “Human Rights Group“ Citizen. Army. Right. “

Alina Grigorieva, Regina Himalova, Andrei Grigoriev and Regina Khisamova were included in the register of foreign media agents. All of them have collaborated or continue to cooperate with Idel.Realii ** – the Radio Liberty project **, which covers events in the Volga region. The Ministry of Justice included these journalists in the register under numbers 100-103.

“I'm not that surprised by this news,” Elanchik said. He explained that he does not know the grounds on which he was recognized as a “foreign agent”, but believes that this is not related to the work of Sota.Vision, since he did not publish anything there on his behalf for a long time. Elanchik noted that the editor-in-chief will soon change for the publication, if necessary, since he does not want to “substitute the guys”.

Director of the Citizen. Army. Pravo “Sergei Krivenko told Novaya that in the second half of October they received a notification from the Ministry of Justice about the beginning of an unscheduled inspection: the ministry demanded to submit documents for the last three years. The preamble of the document, according to Krivenko, said that the check was carried out at the request of a member of the National Liberation Movement (NOD), the director of the group did not give his last name.

Krivenko added that now the human rights group is likely to stop interaction with official structures on the protection of the rights of conscripts and military personnel.

“These are their & lt; bodies & gt; problem because human rights organizations & lt; … & gt; serve as a barrier so that those who should not get there do not get into the army. The state itself is destroying it, ”concluded Krivenko.


Oleg Elagchik Photo from personal archive/social network

FBK case *

Acquitted for a photo with the letter “N”

Leninsky court of Krasnoyarsk acquitted a former employee of Navalny's headquarters Natalya Peterimova, who was accused of demonstrating “extremist” symbols (Article 20.3 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation).

In September, an administrative protocol was drawn up against the girl because of the photos on Instagram with the logo of politician Alexei Navalny – the letter “N” and a red exclamation mark.

As the lawyer Vladimir Vasin told Mediazone **, old photos became the basis for the administrative protocol. One of these photos is a selfie with a glass of coffee with the words “20! 8” (symbolism of Navalny's 2018 presidential campaign – Ed. ) in the background. The picture also shows the envelope with the exclamation mark logo. All posts were published even before the authorities of the Russian Federation recognized FBK * as an extremist organization.


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