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Sapega faces up to six years in prison in Belarus

MINSK, 5 Dec. The case of the Russian woman Sophia Sapega is being prepared for transfer to the court, a source told the agency Sputnik Belarus. “The preliminary investigation is about to end,” sources familiar with the investigation said. House arrest As reported by the agency Sputnik, the trial in the Sapieha case may be scheduled for early January, for inciting social hatred Sapieha faces up to six years in prison in Belarus. Sapega flew with Roman Protasevich on a Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius on May 23. The board urgently sat down at the Minsk airport because of the message about mining, which was not subsequently confirmed. While checking documents at the Minsk airport, Protasevich was detained. A criminal case was initiated against him under several articles, including the article “organizing mass riots”, he faces up to 15 years in prison. Together with Protasevich, Sapieha was detained, who is accused of inciting social hatred and discord, and is also suspected under an article on group actions that grossly violate public order. > Read all the news of Belarus on the website Sputnik Belarus & gt; & gt; Source: Sapega's pardon may be considered after the trial


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