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The expert told who can not pay tax on the sale of cars

MOSCOW, Dec 5 There are cases when it is not necessary to pay tax when selling a car, or when deductions can be applied, Ivan Soloviev, Honored Lawyer of Russia, told the Prime agency. labor, as well as to see whether the citizen has submitted a declaration of income for the past year reflecting this transaction and whether personal income tax has been paid from it. Forgetfulness in such cases is worth penalties, the expert warned. “So, the obligation to pay tax does not arise if a person donates a car to a close relative – mother, father, husband, wife, children, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren, as well as brothers and sisters. The same applies to the inheritance procedure. However, this fact must be documented – a will or a donation agreement, “- said the expert. In addition, after three years from the date of purchase of the car, the owner has every right to sell it without paying tax. As a rule, the period of ownership is calculated from the date of conclusion of the property purchase agreement, Solovyov explained. If three years have not passed, but the car needs to be sold, then the owner can use one of two types of tax deductions. The first is drawn up in accordance with the second subparagraph of the second paragraph of Article 220 of the Tax Code and is equal to the actual purchase costs In this case, the following documents will be required: a car sale and purchase agreement and a financial document confirming the payment made. car “That is, they bought a car for 800 thousand rubles, attached an agreement and a check, issued a tax deduction in the amount of the same amount,” the lawyer was accurate. The second option is when the documents are lost. In this case, the tax deduction will be a fixed amount – 250 thousand rubles. In addition, when selling a donated or inherited car, you can deduct the costs associated with its acquisition, as well as the amount with which the donation tax was paid, concluded Soloviev. Named a way to determine the real mileage when buying a used car


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