GENERICO.ruRussiaIn Chelyabinsk, the case on the "road closure" was dropped at the January rally in support of Navalny

In Chelyabinsk, the case on the “road closure” was dropped at the January rally in support of Navalny

The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Chelyabinsk dismissed the case of “blocking the roads” at a rally on January 31 in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny (part 1 of article 267 of the Criminal Code). This was reported by “Apologia”.

The investigation was stopped due to the “lack of corpus delicti” in the actions of the rally participants. “[The meeting] did not entail the creation of a real threat of destruction or damage to property, & lt; … & gt; a real threat to the life, health and safety of citizens, “says the decision of the investigator.

The case was opened on the day of the rally, and in the evening the detained protesters were interrogated about it. According to the investigation, the protesters went out to the roadway on Lenin Avenue during the day and “forced the drivers & lt; … & gt; apply emergency braking. “

The charges were brought against the former head of Navalny's local headquarters Artem Yaumbaev and the former headquarters chat administrator Maria Makarova, who were serving administrative arrest on January 31, and eight more local activists . All of them were under an obligation to appear before the investigator.

1 Article I will not leave Russia ”. As investigators prove the blocking of roads during the January rallies

In December 2020, the Criminal Code, where previously there was only “damage to roads”, introduced responsibility for “deliberate blocking” of roads and sidewalks, including during rallies , with a sentence of up to three years in prison. After the actions that took place throughout the country in support of Navalny, the case under this article, in addition to Chelyabinsk, was initiated in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Samara. In Moscow, libertarian Gleb Maryasov was assigned 10 months in prison.


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