GENERICO.ruSportMedia: Sampdoria Football Club President Arrested in Milan

Media: Sampdoria Football Club President Arrested in Milan

ROME, Dec 6 President of the Italian football club Sampdoria, famous Italian entrepreneur and film producer Massimo Ferrero was arrested on Monday by the financial guards, according to news channel Tgcom24. According to the first information, the arrest of 70-year-old Ferrero has nothing to do with the famous sports club. This is an investigation by the prosecutor's office related to the activities of a number of companies of the businessman located in the southern region of Calabria. Ferrero was arrested in Milan and taken to the San Vittore prison. At the same time, five more people undergoing this investigation were placed under house arrest, including the entrepreneur's 48-year-old daughter Vanessa, as well as his 41-year-old nephew Giorgio. Earlier, Ferrero said that he was ready to part with Sampdoria due to serious financial difficulties.


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