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Medical aid should not decline even during a pandemic, Putin said

MOSCOW, 5 Dec. Medical assistance to the population, including from medical specialists, should not decline even during the coronavirus pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. On Sunday, the head of state talked to the laureates of the We Are Together international prize at a table over tea. In the course of communication with volunteers, the President asked them questions, in particular, he was actively interested in their opinion on what to do to change the situation in Russian pediatrics for the better, is it difficult for a doctor to work in rural areas and whether children are really sick with coronavirus harder than it was customary think earlier. The head of state was also told about volunteer work in the “red” and “green” zones of hospitals, as well as their efforts to educate the population in self-diagnosis of cancer. excessive, so that the current aid, especially from specialists, does not decrease, “Putin said. Putin announced the pediatrician “Volunteer of the Year”


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