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New tariffs and package penalties: what will change in December

December can be remembered by Ukrainians as both positive (increase in social standards) and negative (growth of the dollar exchange rate) factors.

In December, pensions, taxes and one of the gas tariffs will be recalculated in Ukraine. In addition, they will expand the list of those who will not be allowed to work without coronavirus vaccination and will ban free plastic bags in stores and supermarkets. and why the life of Ukrainians will change in December, read further in the material.

The tariff for PON will be recalculated

The Cabinet of Ministers, by a special resolution, reduced the tariff for the supplier of last resort (PON) to UAH 7.96 per cubic meter. In fact, it does not differ from the prices for those customers who chose & # 171; Naftogaz & # 187; as its supplier.

But this PON limit expires on December 1st. And then you will have to pay at the market value, which is calculated using a special formula. And, probably, this price will be much higher. Only those customers whose suppliers have declared that they cannot fulfill their obligations are used by the provider of last resort.

Then Ukrainians are automatically transferred to PON services (without warning). To find another supplier, they give only 60 days. During this time, you can choose any gas seller.

Pensions will be increased

A large-scale recalculation of pensions is expected in December. It will touch five categories at once:

  • those who receive the maximum payout;
  • those who receive the minimum payout;
  • those who have fulfilled the requirements for seniority and reached the age of 65;
  • those who have an additional payment for seniority in excess of the norm;
  • those who have reached the age of 75 to 80 years.

Such an increase is already provided for in the PFC budget for 2021. About 890 thousand Ukrainians (from 75 to 80 years old) will receive an average increase of UAH 400 each. The minimum pension will increase from UAH 1,854 to UAH 1934, and the maximum pension – from UAH 18540 to UAH 19,340. Increase for seniority in excess of the norm – from 18.54 to 19.34 UAH for each additional year.

And if a Ukrainian has reached the age of 65 and fulfilled the requirements for experience, now he cannot receive at least UAH 2,400, and under the new rules – at least UAH 2,600. This figure does not even cover the costs of the most essential groceries and essential goods. Monthly Minsots calculates the cost of & # 171; grocery basket & # 187;. It includes the lowest costs.

The dollar will rise in price

Already in December, according to a senior analyst & # 171; Alpari & # 187; Vadim Iosub, the value of the American currency will go over the psychologically important level of UAH 27/$. In the first weeks of the last month of 2021, the dollar may rise to the level of UAH 27.2/$.

& # 171; Over the next week, we expect the dollar to rise against the hryvnia. The dollar on the interbank market can be traded in a week near UAH 27.2, and the cash dollar in banks can be traded for about UAH 27.1/27.3 & # 187;

, the expert says.

The situation will be affected by a number of factors, including a decrease in demand for Ukrainian securities (OVDPs). Also, in the fall, traditionally more money has to be spent on energy imports. Ukraine buys gas and gasoline abroad and spends dollars on it.

The minimum wage will be increased

Since December 1, the minimum wage in Ukraine will be raised from UAH 6,000 to UAH 6,500. As a result, Ukrainians working full-time will not be able to receive less than the set amount. It is worth noting that this level of the minimum wage does not meet generally accepted standards.

For example, in the EU countries they try to keep the minimum wage at the level of 60% of the average. At the moment it is about 9 thousand UAH. A low minimum wage also makes it possible to maintain a high level of shadow employment. So, about 40% of those working officially earn only the minimum wage. The rest is likely to be paid in envelopes. And the higher the minimum wage level, the less & # 171; gray & # 187; partly, more taxes go to the budgets of all levels. And this, among other things, is a resource for raising pensions.

& # 171; We could not only increase it by more, but we are obliged to do it. Tariffs increased by 35%. Food prices are also increasing. Even if we come out of the level of inflation and the growth of base prices, the salary should be at least 8.5-9 thousand UAH & # 187;

, – explained the ex-Minister of Social Policy Andriy Reva Taxes will be recalculated < p> Along with the increase in the minimum wage and the living wage, the minimum size of the unified social contribution will increase, in addition, taxes for & # 171; sole proprietorships & # 187; -inners will also be recalculated. So:

  • The minimum amount of ERUs will increase from UAH 1320 to UAH 1430;
  • Single tax for the first group – from 260 to 268 UAH.
  • Single tax for the second group – from 1200 to 1430 UAH.

Note that a more significant innovation is expected from 1 January 2022. Then all & # 171; FOPs & # 187; except for those that are in the first group of the single tax (self-employed with revenue of up to 1 million UAH per year) will have to install registrars of settlement transactions (cash registers).

Suspension from work

Another important innovation in December – from the 9th, the Ministry of Health will expand the list of Ukrainians who cannot work without vaccination. Now these include teachers, employees of central and local authorities. And in a few days the list will be filled up with:

  • employees of enterprises and institutions that are controlled by central authorities;
  • those who provide social services;
  • employees of companies that belong to the state and are of strategic importance (these include, in particular, all employees of & # 171; Ukrzaliznytsia & # 187;).

Note that those who are dismissed from work must be paid wages will not. And it will be possible to return to work immediately after the employee is vaccinated. It is prohibited to fire unvaccinated people (only if there are other grounds stipulated by the Labor Code).

Refusal of free plastic bags

From December 10 in Ukraine, supermarkets and stores will stop issuing free disposable bags … For a bag without handles, you will have to pay 2 UAH, and a bag with handles will cost 2.5 UAH. This, according to lawmakers, will encourage Ukrainians to abandon the use of environmentally harmful packaging.

Soon, the country will completely abandon the bags. This innovation is provided from January 2023. Instead, you can use, for example, paper bags and reusable bags.

In general, December can be remembered by Ukrainians as positive (increase in social standards) and negative (growth of the dollar) factors.


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