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New wintering complex of Vostok station delivered to Antarctica

MOSCOW, Dec 6 Russian ships delivered modules of the new Vostok wintering station to Antarctica, as well as new equipment and fuel, according to the press service of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources. lead rotor at the nuclear-powered lighter carrier Sevmorput. The ships Mys Dezhneva, Yaroslav the Wise, Kapitan Khlebnikov and Andrey Osipov delivered the modules of the new wintering complex of the Vostok station, as well as equipment and fuel to Tala Bay (Antarctica ), in the area of ​​the Russian station “Progress”, – the message says. The Ministry of Natural Resources notes that the delivery of modules to the station “Vostok” will be carried out by sledge-caterpillar traverse from the station “Progress.” The rest of the complex will remain at the temporary storage site near the Progress station until next year. Scientists have found out how the ice of Antarctica was formed It will replace the obsolete 1957 designs and allow scientists to carry out research in a comfortable environment. The station, located 1.5 thousand kilometers from the coast at an altitude of about 3.5 thousand meters above sea level, will stand on 36 pylons 3 meters high, which will allow it to remain unoccupied for many years. All systems have double or triple redundancy, with a two-year supply of fuel and products. The new station will provide accommodation and research activities for 15 people during the winter and 35 people during the season. The inland station Vostok was opened in December 1957. During all this time, it has gone through two reconstructions and three conservation, and now it is worn out by 90% and is covered with snow in places. The new station was designed in constant contact with polar explorers who spent more than one season in Antarctica. The tourist season has begun in Antarctica


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