GENERICO.ruWorldSource: special forces received Mi-8AMTSh-VN fire support helicopters

Source: special forces received Mi-8AMTSh-VN fire support helicopters

MOSCOW, Dec 6 The first helicopters for fire support of the Mi-8AMTSh-VN special forces have already entered the Russian army, a source in the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti. “The first vehicles have already been accepted. said the interlocutor of the agency, without specifying their number due to secrecy. The Mi-8AMTSh-VN (Mi-171Sh-VN) is the latest modification of the military transport helicopter of the Mi-8/17 type. It is intended for fire support of actions of special forces. The technical appearance of the Mi-8AMTSh-VN was formed taking into account the experience of the combat use of helicopters, including in Syria. The vehicle embodies a whole range of design features that increase the combat effectiveness and survivability of the vehicle. Source: Mi-28NM will receive striking power comparable to bombers Compared to the previous version on the helicopter, thanks to these innovations, the cruising and maximum flight speed has been increased to 280 kilometers per hour, as well as the maximum take-off weight to 13.5 tons. The combat survivability of the helicopter has also been increased. The vehicle is equipped with the President-S defense system, which automatically recognizes the launch of missiles at the helicopter, jamming their guidance heads and ejecting false thermal targets. Mi-8AMTSh-VN installed a new composition of weapons. The main feature was that along with small arms and cannon weapons (for example, UPK-23-250 containers), unguided missiles (B-8V20A) and bombs of various calibers (OFAB-250), the helicopter is equipped with a guided missile weapon system with a surveillance and sighting system .In addition to the standard armament, the vehicle is equipped with four machine guns: three 12.7mm “Korda” and one 7.62mm KVP machine gun in the rear of the helicopter. The first company of” Terminators “has been formed in the Russian army


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