GENERICO.ruWorldThe Central Bank will determine the amount of compensation for victims of fraudsters, media reported

The Central Bank will determine the amount of compensation for victims of fraudsters, media reported

MOSCOW, Dec 6 The Central Bank of Russia proposed to oblige banks to return money to those who became victims of fraudsters, the newspaper RBC writes, citing the corresponding initiative of the Central Bank. Earlier in December, the director of the information security department of the Bank of Russia Vadim Uvarov said that the regulator would improve the mechanism for returning money stolen by fraudsters to bank customers. According to the Central Bank, last quarter the volume of funds stolen by cybercriminals from bank clients grew by 18.5% compared to the same period in 2020 and amounted to more than 3.2 billion rubles, while the share of funds returned from the total volume of stolen goods, on the contrary, was decreased sharply: by 5.4 percentage points, to 7.7%. Among the proposals that the Central Bank sent to market participants and the authenticity of which was confirmed by RBC three sources in the financial market, as well as representatives of Rosbank and Alfa-Bank, appears the introduction of a simplified procedure for refund funds to victims of the actions of fraudsters in the amount determined by the Bank of Russia. “The Central Bank does not disclose the exact methodology for calculating this amount, noting only that it will be calculated,” engineering “, – the newspaper writes. Uvarov in early December announced that the quality of” anti-fraud procedures “(against fraud) would be improved. o will also be related to the amount of refund that will have to be returned to the client of the bank. “Refunds within the specified amount apply to all banks, but if the bank has a low level of antifraud (anti-theft prevention mechanism), then it will have to return the entire stolen amount of money to the client, even if it exceeds this size. The low level will include cases when banks cannot identify transactions made without the consent of the client, despite receiving the necessary information from the Central Bank about fraudulent transactions, “the publication notes. The expert named the main methods used by fraudsters in social networks


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