GENERICO.ruWorldThe details of the murder of two Russian women in Cyprus have been disclosed

The details of the murder of two Russian women in Cyprus have been disclosed

MOSCOW, Dec 6 A native of Syria, suspected of killing two Russian tourists in Cyprus, committed a crime after a hunt, writes the Cyprus Mail. Earlier, local media reported the discovery of the bodies of two Russian women, who had gone missing in mid-November. Law enforcement officials believe that the murder was committed by a 32-year-old Syrian. He confessed and showed where the bodies were buried. Two of his acquaintances are also involved. According to the Cyprus Mail, the suspected Syrian was arrested ten days ago, but only now confessed to the crime. The man said that he buried the bodies of those killed in a pit ten meters from the house, covering the place with gravel. It is noted that the police were not able to immediately find the burial because of the rains that covered the tracks. As the suspect said, on the eve of the murder, he went hunting. At the same time, after returning in the morning, the Syrian heard the women mention him in their conversation, after which he shot them. The local police chief, Stelios Papateodorou, said the attacker's motives remained unknown. Earlier it was reported that the Syrian, according to the investigation, was doing repairs in the holiday home, where he met the women. For some unknown reason, he killed them and hid the corpses in the garden area. At the same time, at first, the suspect claimed that he had returned the Russians to their hotel, and another person was guilty of the abduction. But suspicion first of all fell on him because of telephone conversations with possible accomplices, who said that he was chaotically moving from place to place. The police also know that he used the credit card of one of the victims several times.


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