GENERICO.ruWorldThe media reported on the assassination in Venezuela of the leader of the rebel organization

The media reported on the assassination in Venezuela of the leader of the rebel organization

MEXICO Dec 6 Venezuelan intelligence and Colombian government sources told the media about the death of the leader of the armed rebel organization Second Marketalia, Hernan Dario Velasquez, nicknamed El Paisa, allegedly as a result of a conflict with a rival organization. “According to Venezuelan intelligence sources, El Paisa. died in a shootout, there is no information about other dead or injured. The place of the attack on the leader of the guerrillas was near the border with Colombian Arauca and Vichada, “- reported the newspaper Tiempo. Ernan Dario, allegedly passed through the school of mercenaries Pablo Escobar in the 1980s in Medellin , was arrested in Jamaica with an arsenal of weapons in 1989, and after his release from prison he joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. In the ranks of the FARC, he led the Teofilo Forero Mobile Column, which engaged in kidnapping for the purpose of extortion, kidnapping of politicians, controlling internal drug trafficking and creating an insurgency. In 2018, Dario Velazquez withdrew from the peace process with the Colombian government and disappeared, after which in 2019 along with fellow rebel leaders Jesús Santrich and Ivan Marquez, appeared in a video announcing the creation of the Second Marketalia. According to media reports, the attack, the details of which are unknown, may have been carried out by members of the FARC Tenth Front. These rebels are waging a territorial war in Colombia and Venezuela with the “Second Marketalia” over drug trafficking. Tiempo sources have ruled out any involvement by the Colombian government in the shootout in the Venezuelan state of Apure. Dario is subject to national and international arrest warrants for murder, kidnapping and other crimes. There is no official confirmation of his death in Colombia and Venezuela. Another of the founders of the Second Marketalia, known under the pseudonym Jesus Santrich, was eliminated in Venezuela by Colombian special forces in May 2021. According to figures from the Institute for Development and Peace Studies, Indepaz, the largest group in terms of numbers immigrants from the FARC – this is the “South-Eastern bloc”, which has 2.7 thousand people and 12 divisions. “Second Marketalia” is 2 thousand people, divided into 10 smaller structures. Most rebel action in Colombia is concentrated in the departments of Antioquia (northwest), Norte de Santander (northeast), Cauca, Nariño (southwest) and Meta (center). In Caracas, they talked about a shootout in the Palo Verde area


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