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Unknown attacked French presidential candidate, media reported

PARIS 5 Dec An unknown person attacked the far-right French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour before the rally, and the attacker was detained, BFMTV reports. Zemmour spoke at the campaign rally on Sunday. According to the channel, before the start of the speech, the candidate was walking through the hall to the podium, when suddenly a man jumped on him. He wrapped his arms around Zemmur's neck and head, and the man was immediately detained by the candidate’s security service. According to a BFMTV source, the detainee is known to the police. He is now in custody for committing “deliberate violence.” The reasons for his action are unknown, nor is it possible to say whether he really wanted to “attack Eric Zemmur,” the channel writes. Previously, BFMTV reported about a conflict between supporters of Zemmur and members of the SOS Racisme association during rally. According to the TV channel, 12 people belonging to SOS Racisme stood up and started chanting “No racism!” The new candidate positions himself as a supporter of right-wing political views, however, in French public opinion, Zemmour's views are viewed as extreme right-wing. He is known for his tough stance on immigration: in particular, he advocates remigration – the forced return of migrants to their countries of origin. Thus, the journalist called for the expulsion of two million foreigners from the country, including students from the African continent. Zemmur also believes that the right to obtain French citizenship by birth in the country should be abolished. In his opinion, migrants living in France should give their children French names, because “calling your child Mohammed is tantamount to colonizing France.” The journalist was twice convicted of inciting racial and sectarian hatred. /12/8f6852fc5f321d9791e2357e805a6c4b.jpg “/> French presidential candidate announced his desire to withdraw the country from NATO


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