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Common Human Traits Attracting Scammers Named

MOSCOW, Dec 7 Fraudsters, choosing a victim, are able to quickly determine which people are more likely to fall under their influence, and use for their own purposes the five most common human qualities, Olga Daineko, expert at the financial literacy center of the NFI of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, told RIA Novosti. “Criminals do not always act blindly. they have a rough understanding of which people will succumb to the influence and which will not, “she said. “The vast majority of the methods of criminals will break about banal attentiveness, caution, critical thinking, basic principles of financial security and understanding what feelings and weaknesses scammers usually play on,” the expert is sure. The first, according to her, is a feeling of pity and compassion. “Sick children, hungry animals, fire victims and refugees – all those who need help do not leave many people indifferent. And this is normal. But it is on these feelings that false fundraising is built. business, “said Daineko. In this regard, the expert advises to help only if you are personally acquainted with the person in need, or through official charitable organizations. The second is the desire to receive something for free. “I would like to call it greed, but in most cases it is not,” she said, explaining that people often come across offers to buy an “almost new” iPhone, free courses or easy earnings, not for profit, but because of the banal lack of money. “It’s easy to protect yourself from this: if the offer seems too good, it’s cheating. Nothing comes without effort, and everything has a price,” she reminded. The third feeling that makes people victims of fraud is fear. “Messages from allegedly relatives in trouble, information about the” transfer of funds “from bank cards, calls from the” investigative committee “with threats of criminal prosecution are built on fear. , relatives, government body or organization whose representatives the callers presented themselves, “Daineko said. Inattention and fatigue can lead to the loss of your own funds: this is what most fake emails with phishing links are designed for. “You cannot click on suspicious links, especially if they look like a picture or a button,” the expert reminds. Feelings of loneliness and a thirst for entertainment conceal the same danger: they are used to build fraudulent schemes on social networks and on dating sites. which scammers use on social networks


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