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Etiquette experts named the best corporate gifts

MOSCOW, Dec 7 High-quality power bank, original French champagne, porcelain, tableware silver, as well as painting in any of its forms – this is just a small list of unmistakable corporate gifts that need to be addressed to really please the addressee, interviewed experts on etiquette told RIA Novosti. As noted by the president of the National Association of Experts on Etiquette and Protocol (NADEP) Albina Kholgov, a gift is an extremely difficult thing, and in order to really please the recipient, you need to do very serious and painstaking work. The study showed how much Russians will spend on gifts for the New Year “There is a list of unmistakable gifts – these are porcelain, silverware, paintings, which are now in huge quantities at affordable prices, well-bound books. It can also be good quality stationery, beautifully designed sweets “, – said Kholgova. Jewelry, oddly enough, is also allowed by etiquette, but there is a risk of not guessing what the addressee likes, the expert noted.” By the way, you need to be very careful with souvenir and memorable gifts. You can give such things, but we must be sure that they will please the addressee. If we give just for show, it is better not to do this. Diaries, calendars, pens with the company logo as a gift are not able to please anyone, “the specialist added. She explained that according to the rules etiquette, stationery with the logo of the organization is given to the negotiators at any event. “Only so that they can use them, but not as a gift,” said Kholgova. “Also, the recipient will certainly delight the French champagne from the Champagne region,” the specialist emphasized. In turn, expert on modern etiquette Tatiana Baranova said that environmental trends are gaining momentum today: the company's efforts aimed at minimizing waste, as well as Tuesday's use of materials are highly valued. “For example, companies can give pens, notebooks, souvenirs, for example, from recycled plastic cups from an office cooler , any packaging or waste paper, “Baranova said. In addition, the expert emphasized, a reusable water bottle or a good power bank will also be excellent gifts, because they will reduce the number of disposable goods, which is also an act of care for the environment and clients. “Cooperation with well-known designers or artists in the development of e corporate gifts: such a souvenir immediately acquires value because it is unique. Sometimes companies cooperate not with eminent creators, but with charitable organizations: New Year's souvenirs are prepared in inclusive workshops. Such a gift is both sincere and noble – the company helps the fund, and the person receives a wonderful handmade product, “Baranova added. There is also a chance to pleasantly please customers and partners, if as a corporate gift you give a product partially made by your own hands, for example, a set for making a New Year's gingerbread, a thermos with the ability to insert a picture or photograph between the walls, a T-shirt with the attached original stickers, a plain cloth bag complete with indelible markers, she noted. In addition, digital gifts do not lose their relevance: certificates for online training, online tours and games, the specialist concluded. Psychologists told how to choose gifts for the New Year


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