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Nutritionist told who is dangerous to eat bananas

MOSCOW, 6 Dec. The use of bananas for people with gastritis is necessary to reduce the acidity of the stomach and reduce the risk of heartburn, but in case of intestinal diseases in the acute stage, it is better to refuse this product, said dietitian Tatyana Razumovskaya. According to the specialist, green unripe bananas contain a lot of sodium and , thus, can play the role of a diuretic. “Ripe have a laxative effect, so during intestinal disorders or gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage, bananas are likely to be harmful. They can cause bloating or flatulence,” she explained. Razumovskaya added, that one banana provides energy for an hour of strength training or hard physical work. If the fruit is dried, the calorie content of the banana will increase fivefold.


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