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Vitaly Smirnov commented on the boycott of the Olympics by the US authorities

MOSCOW, December 6, Semyon Galkevich. Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC ) Vitaly Smirnov said that the boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games by the US authorities will hurt their own athletes and the country's prestige. On Monday, the US announced a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing. Official representatives of the country will not attend the Games, but the athletes themselves will be able to take part in the competitions. “Athletes suffer from all boycotts, not those who arrange these boycotts. And these people later regret, they say that the decision was not productive. This was the case with the Games. in Los Angeles, so it was with the Games in Moscow. The boycott does not strengthen international cooperation. And the US athletes in Beijing will now look abandoned at the opening and closing ceremonies, they will be left without support at the Games. At the same time, our President accepted the invitation from the organizers And this is very good. I believe that not so much the prestige of the United States as its own athletes will suffer from such a diplomatic boycott, “Smirnov said. The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be held from 4 to 20 February 2022. On November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was planning to go to the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing.


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