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What is worth buying for the New Year's table in advance

MOSCOW, Dec 7. It is best to think in advance about what will be on the New Year's table, says nutritionist and nutritionist Andrey Zolotarev. He told in an interview with Radio Sputnik which products can be bought a month before the holiday, and which ones – two weeks before the holiday.At the end of December, long queues are usually formed in stores, so postponing purchases until the last pre-holiday days in a pandemic can be hazardous to health, Zolotarev is sure. “It is very important to think about what will be on your New Year's table today. the latter, and in three or four days to face crazy queues and fantastic prices. Some products can be bought today, some – two weeks before the holiday, and some will have to be bought on New Year's Eve, “he said. The nutritionist has listed the foods that you can start stocking up in early December. According to him, they will retain their properties and will not harm the body, even if you buy them a month before the feast. “I recommend paying attention to caviar. This is a bright” representative “of the New Year's table, and if you buy it today, it will calmly live until the holiday . As well as olives, which, together with caviar, are prone to rise in price closer to the New Year. Peas, corn, and other canned food will also survive until the holiday. You can buy some alcoholic drinks, at the moment they will be a little more profitable than right before the New Year. , sweets and hard cheeses can also be bought today, “Zolotarev believes. Approximately two weeks before the New Year, he advises buying salted fish, as well as smoked products.” on the other hand, it is very tasty and does not contain a lot of salt, but on the other hand, it will not live up to the New Year. Therefore, it is advisable to buy fish or smoked meats two weeks before the holiday, “said Andr her Zolotarev in an interview with Sputnik radio. The doctor also reminded her of the need to wear masks and maintain social distance in stores. products before the new year


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