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Russia has created a “space” parachute for evacuation from high-altitude objects

MOSCOW, Dec 8 The unique SPARS parachute capsule for the evacuation of people from high-altitude objects, which is based on technologies for the safe landing of spacecraft on the surface of planets, was created in Russia, the general director of the developer of this complex, OOO Space Rescue Systems (KSS), said in an interview with RIA Novosti Sergey Kulik. “The result of our research and experiments was the creation of a high-tech rescue solution” SPARS “: both an alternative (to conventional parachutes – ed.) Method of emergency evacuation and a new type of individual rescue parachuting systems – knapsack pneumatic frame capsules that allow an unprepared person to be rescued from any height without special skills with minimal loads and safety for his life, “he said. H According to the name of Lavochkin for braking systems of unmanned probes in the atmospheres of planets or soft landing on their surface in projects such as Mars-96 and Luna-9. SPARS is based on a pneumatic frame – a volumetric spatial structure made of ultra-light material, which is quickly filled with air at the start. This pneumatic frame has a “six-legged” shape, reminiscent of a huge hourglass, to the upper spokes of which a parachute with a diameter of about 7 meters is attached, and the lower spokes form a landing device. and a landing damper (pillow). And it is thanks to the pneumatic frame that “SPARS” has new and extremely important functions: an elastic catapult, which “pulls” a person out of the opening (skyscraper windows – ed.) and takes him away from the wall; canopy into the stream, in just 3-5 meters loss of height after the start. Another feature – landing does not take place on feet, as in “classic” parachutists, but on a damper, which guarantees a safe landing on almost any obstacle on the ground or on the water. ” , – said the scientist. According to him, currently ten prototypes of this product have been made, which fully confirmed compliance with the national GOST, which KSS p it was decided to work out together with a number of interested organizations and enterprises. Based on the results of tests with a dummy, it was proved that SPARS is able to successfully evacuate unprepared people weighing from 45 to 150 kilograms at the age of 17 to 70 years from high-rise buildings, while the overloads in the capsule are comparable to the loads when jumping from 1.5 meters to the bed. mattress. Testing of new square parachutes has begun in Russia


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