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Russians were told how to choose tangerines

MOSCOW, Dec 8. One of the important criteria for a quality tangerine is the presence of air between the peel and pulp, but if there is too much air, this can already be called a disadvantage, Lilia Kotelnikova, the head of the research department of Roskachestvo, told the Prime agency. Sometimes tangerines can be treated with wax, which can be washed off by washing the fruit with warm water, the expert notes. You should not choose frozen fruits, the concentration of vitamins in them is greatly reduced. In addition, Kotelnikova says, the color of the peel is not an indicator of sweetness: some varieties of tangerines can be quite ripe and sweet, although the color of the peel is still green. Prices for tangerines have jumped in Russia At the same time, sweet fruits, such as tangerines, should be eaten with caution, since they contain a lot of sugar (fructose), the expert of Roskachestvo concluded.


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