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Smagin called Nepomniachtchi's defeat chess infantilism

MOSCOW, Dec 7, Oleg Bogatov. Ian Nepomniachtchi has lost almost all chances for victory in the title match with world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in Dubai, the Russian was psychologically unprepared, his first defeat was a disaster that led to a series of blunders and failures, said Sergey Smagin, vice president of the Moscow Chess Federation (FSM). the first five games of the match ended in a draw, but then the Russian suffered three defeats in four meetings (with one draw). Nepomniachtchi played with white pieces on Tuesday and declared himself defeated on the 39th move. Carlsen wins 6-3, the tenth game will take place on Wednesday, the title holder will play white. “You can blunder better, but not in two games in a row and not in a world championship match,” Smagin said. Ian, apparently psychologically and physiologically unprepared for excellent chess training, and the first lost game was a disaster. the expression on one of the forums is that Yan has chess infantilism. “” He now has absolutely no sign of maturity, – the expert noted. – But he knows how to take a blow and direct the course of the struggle in the direction he needs. And to lose with dignity. not visible, it's a pity when a good meaningful game ends with the roughest blunders. spruce. This is the impression now partially about Yana. The match is lost. “


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