GENERICO.ruWorldThe HRC proposed to equate corruption crimes with treason

The HRC proposed to equate corruption crimes with treason

MOSCOW, Dec 8 civil oath, “says the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) Kirill Kabanov.” It is necessary to toughen the criminal legislation, to equate all corruption crimes with high treason, because it is such. less responsibility? ” – said Kabanov to RIA Novosti. In addition, it is necessary to make the anti-corruption examination procedure working in order at the initial stage to determine the conditions that are laid with the aim of enrichment of corruption for the development of a corrupt business. “Corruption, as the President (RF) said at one time, is a national threat This is a threat to any state, but in Russia it is still a real threat, since the elites since 1991 have been formed with the ideology of corruption: we had whole areas for feeding families, there is a struggle against this, but it is going on neatly, pointwise, somewhere harsh “, – said Kabanov. The Russian authorities will do everything to eradicate corruption, Putin said


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