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The Security Council advised the United States to convene an internal “forum for democracy”

MOSCOW Dec 12 Instead of preaching to the rest of the world, the US would be better off first to gather an internal forum for democracy in order to discuss their internal problems, said First Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Yuri Averyanov.

& # 34; Before lecturing the whole world, it would be good for Washington to convene at home some kind of internal forum for democracy in the United States and discuss at it the whole array of problems that prevent their current state structure from being considered democratic, '' said Averyanov in an interview with & # 34; Rossiyskaya Gazeta & # 34 ;.

One of the topics of such a discussion could be the archaic electoral system of the United States, “in which millions of capable citizens are deprived of the right to express their will, and a candidate with fewer votes can win the presidential election,” he added. According to Averyanov, it would be good for the Americans to think and on what to do with the inability of their authorities to enforce the rights of their own citizens, how to overcome discrimination, stop massacres with the use of firearms, how to get the American media to abandon the daily fabrication of custom news and start telling people the truth. “For some reason, the United States judges itself. on formal grounds, and extremely easy. For example, they say that America is a democracy, because there is a change of power. One president comes instead of another in four or eight years, which means change, “Averyanov noted. “But let's dig a little deeper, let's look at the family ties of different generations of elites,” he added. Kosachev spoke about the US program “For Democratic Renewal.” a dozen presidents may come out, not to mention senators, congressmen, governors, ministers. What is this, just an accident? ” – added Averyanov. “Let's take freedom of speech. Is it in the United States? Let's just remember how they tried to censor Donald Trump – the current head of state! persecuted by all available information means, “- said Averyanov. Democracy is also access to elementary benefits, noted the first deputy secretary of the Security Council.” In the United States, millions of people are deprived of it, who are forced to live without medical care, without education, without social guarantees. Just think, in the country you can find people who have never been to a doctor in their life, because they cannot afford it, “Averyanov recalled. The United States intends to “drive the enemy into the 90s”: what does it threaten Russia? As for education, it is not only paid in the United States, but also often closed, if we take the most prestigious universities and colleges, he noted. training and showing a high level of training, but also have recommendations, for example, a member of Congress. What kind of democracy is this? ” – added Averyanov. According to him, examples can be cited for a very long time. “By the way, shortly before the summit of Mr. (US Secretary of State Anthony) Blinken was asked how the United States, with all its internal problems, can teach the world of democracy. The head of the State Department joked, they say, it's good that he doesn't have to deal with domestic affairs, “Averyanov said. There is a saying in Russia – he who does not know how to teach himself teaches others, he noted. “America is doing exactly this: it has not been able to build democracy at home, but it is very zealous for other countries,” Averyanov summed up. American hegemony is becoming a thing of the past, according to the Security Council


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