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“Diet” foods that promote weight gain

Discard those products that feel & # 171; correct & # 187 ;.

There are dietary products that have nothing to do with healthy eating. It is they who often inhibit weight loss and even lead to weight gain. draws attention to the composition.

Nutritionist Kristina Sheremetyeva listed on Instagram some of the most common pseudo PP foods that are best avoided.

Low-fat yogurt

Low fat does not guarantee low sugar and low calories. Would you like topped yoghurt? Take natural yogurt and add some fruit.

Rye bread

You'd be surprised, but most of these breads use premium flour, that is, processed. And these are fast carbohydrates. And it contains a lot of sugar. This is a product that you definitely shouldn't be leaning on. And there are very few good formulations.

Gluten-free foods

They are considered dietary for those who have a real gluten intolerance. For everyone else, these are ordinary products, only more expensive. And you won't be able to lose weight just sitting on gluten-free products.

Muesli/cereals with added sugar

If your muesli contains sugar, molasses, various syrups, glucose-fructose in particular, are no longer a dietary food. This is a nutritious dessert!

Protein Bars

They are often used in place of the main meal as they are considered healthy. In fact, the calorie content of most & # 171; useful & # 187; bars are approximately equal to the calorie content & # 171; harmful & # 187; chocolates. For example, the average Snickers is 250 kcal, and in the protein one – 200 kcal.


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