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Taxes are raised in Ukraine: how the 5600 law will affect ordinary Ukrainians

Last week, the Rada adopted Law No. 5600. This will lead to an increase in many excise duties and taxes. A rise in prices for many product groups is expected in the near future.

Exhausted by the search for new sources of income for the state budget, & # 171; government men & # 187; decided to scrape together another 50 billion hryvnyas on the bottom of the barrel. in year. But there is one problem: all major taxes have already been increased and the control over their collection has been strengthened. We need to take more from what's left. And what remained are the so-called resource taxes and fees, which, as indicated in the explanatory note to the bill No. 5600 adopted last week, have not been raised for a long time, for about five years. As a result, in & # 171; resource & # 187; a lot of different things fell under taxation in the draft law. I propose to consider these & # 171; anti-oligarchic & # 187; changes are closer, reports with a link to Focus.

More taxes from what we already have

There will be an indexation of the rates of excise tax on alcohol, tobacco, ecology (fuel), as well as an increase in rent for the use of mineral resources, water, and forest resources. Regarding tobacco products, the regulation on electronic cigarettes has been improved, for alcohol – the stronger the drink, the higher the excise tax, and according to preliminary estimates, the excise tax will increase the price of alcoholic beverages by about 5%. The growth of this kind of taxes and fees always entails a rise in prices.

Increased pressure in the area of ​​tax administration

If you cannot collect more taxes from taxpayers, collect harder. The list of tax debtors becomes public. For individuals, the register of debtors is already working and you can check using your tax number whether you owe money to the budget, and whether there is by chance a tax lien on property. This information is public and is not a secret.

The novelty will be that the director of a tax debtor company may also suffer, in particular, he may be prohibited from traveling abroad.

Fortunately, we are talking about debts to the budget in the amount of over 1 million UAH, which were not paid for more than 240 days.

The tax authorities also recorded the rights of tax authorities and taxpayers to openly record the tax audit process. The general norms of legislation already allowed for this, but now there is a direct rule about this in the Tax Code.

The term for the inclusion of calculations of adjustments to tax invoices in the tax credit is reduced. Instead of 1095 days, there will be 365, so include all invoices in your reporting on time.

Agriculture: significant changes in taxation

First, they cut the freedom to work in the fourth group of the single tax for farmers: a number of activities were excluded from it ( in particular, growing poultry), and secondly, the so-called minimum tax liability (MNO) for a land plot for agricultural purposes is being introduced.

This INR is calculated according to a special formula with reference to the normative monetary value of the land. The norm on INP is temporary and, as indicated in the text of the law, becomes invalid from January 1 of the year following the year of the entry into force of the law on stimulating the development of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, taking into account the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union in the context of the provision of state aid and the development of rural areas.

Agricultural land owners should carefully understand the new tax, taking into account our previous paragraph on the possible consequences of tax debts of citizens. It should be expected that taxes in the agricultural sector will change significantly, which is explained by the reform of the land market as a whole.

Those citizens who sold self-grown agricultural products should pay attention to the cancellation of the & # 171; tax-free & # 187; norms according to clause 165.1.24 of the GCC. If earlier this kind of income was not taxed at all, then in the new version of the tax law, non-taxable income will be only 12 minimum wages.

Separate tax restrictions for payers of income tax

Large taxpayers will be able to transfer the negative financial result of previous periods to the current one in the amount of no more than 50% of such losses. & # 171; Invention & # 187; It is not new at all, restrictions on the transfer of negative meanings were widely used under the past authorities of different cadences.

Also appears & # 171; feature & # 187; with an upward adjustment of the company's financial result, if the company issued (and included, respectively, in expenses) irrevocable financial assistance to a non-payer of income tax or a loss-making payer. The trick was interesting, but now it is not profitable.

Income tax & # 171; apartment & # 187; citizens

Buying apartments is a great way to invest money, but, according to the new law, the tax will hit & # 171; serial apartment businessmen & # 187;. & nbsp; When selling a third or more apartments per year, personal income tax will be 18%.

The only part of which this rule was mitigated is the right to reduce the amount of income for expenses related to the acquisition of such a property. For example, on the value of property rights to such an object, or on the value of a mortgage object, the cost of a contribution to the FSE, etc.

Allowed, according to the same principle, to reduce the amount of income for sellers of third and more cars in

Certainly, there are point changes in the text of the Tax Code, which affected only certain groups of taxpayers, for example, Internet provider entrepreneurs can now choose only the third group of the single tax. So, in addition to the rise in prices for products, we will also expect an increase in the price of broadband Internet communication and online TV services, since individual entrepreneurs in the 2nd group will no longer be able to be providers.

In order not to miss the changes that may touch you, contact the experts. But it should be done after the New Year, when all changes will be accepted in the final version and published.


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