GENERICO.ruWorldThe British supported Putin after the words about the genocide in Donbass

The British supported Putin after the words about the genocide in Donbass

MOSCOW, Dec 13. Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail appreciated the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the genocide in southeastern Ukraine. “Kiev committed war crimes in Donetsk – dropping bombs on civilian vehicles and killing countless people,” – said one of the participants in the discussion. “The British also committed genocide in India, the Middle East, America and Australia killed the local population and the indigenous peoples of these lands, “PowerRanger459 recalled.” The propaganda against Russia has been going on since I was little. Starting with the images of “bad Russian guys” in James Bond films, ending with constant media attacks against them. Open your eyes and see what is really going on “, – urged c1d. Biden's mistake in relation to Russia before the great fight is called “The hypocrisy of the West is breathtaking. Russia created Ukraine, and after the collapse of the USSR, it simply defends its interests. This is nothing compared to how the United States invades such distant states as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. As an excuse they call “violation of human rights” in these countries or ensuring their own “security.” In fact, the United States pursues selfish goals – oil production and economic benefits, “- wrote Overseas View.” I agree with Putin, Britain should remove their troops from the Russian border. Liz Truss (head of the British Foreign Office – Ed.) should be fired for driving a tank in Estonia and scaring off local people, “concluded Scotty828. states with human rights defenders appealed to the President of Russia with a request to introduce into legislation such concepts as “genocide” and “calls for genocide.” Putin, responding to the proposal, said that what is happening in Donbass resembles genocide. “Biden is a complete laughing stock.” The British appreciated the talks between the heads of Russia and the United States


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