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The Russians told how their lives changed in the COVID-19 pandemic

MOSCOW, Dec 13 Almost a third of Russia's residents have changed their incomes during the pandemic, and a quarter underwent a reassessment of values, according to the research conducted by the Rambler & # 38; Co media holding, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti. On December 10, 2021, 2,428,794 users accepted, among them 40% were women and 60% were men. “Almost a third (31%) changed their income, a quarter had a reassessment of values. 15% of respondents said that their marital status or family composition, 11% began to communicate with new people, 7% moved, 6% began to work in a new profession, 5% decided on major acquisitions, “the study says. At the same time, almost half of the respondents believe that their life was divided into “and” after “, and 53% did not experience life changes. Among them, 42% are sure that external factors do not affect their personal affairs, 27% – that quarantine restrictions prevented them, 16% did not want to change anything, and 15% are waiting for the end of the pandemic to implement their plans. Russians named the income needed to live in a pandemic According to the survey results, 39% of Russians surveyed believe that the pandemic will pass, but something else will happen, 36% believe that nothing will change in the near future. The habits acquired in recent years are considered rather positive by 14%, 11% – that all the changes that have occurred are temporary. online services, 18% began to show more care for their loved ones, 7% – put off less things for later, 3% – better control their time “, – added in the study. Most Russians consider themselves happy, the survey showed


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