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Union of Belarus and Russia will be stronger than the EU, Lukashenko said

MINSK, 13 Dec. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusian-Russian union will be more a powerful, thoughtful and advanced integration association than the European Union. In November, a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State of Belarus and Russia was held in the format of a videoconference, a decree was signed on the main directions for implementing the provisions of the treaty on the creation of the Union State for 2021-2023. The document approves 28 allied programs to deepen the economic integration of the two countries. Zelensky saw in the union of Russia and Belarus a threat to Ukraine “This union (of Belarus and Russia – ed.) Will be more advanced and more stable (than the EU – ed.). Firstly, because we We will use the positive experience that is useful for us. Secondly, we left a single state – from the Soviet Union. And we have already tried a lot there. We know what to leave from the Soviet past and what to us in the future will not be useful. Therefore, it will be a more powerful, thoughtful and advanced union, “Lukashenka said in an interview with the Turkish television and radio company TRT. The interview is given by the agency Sputnik. The President stressed that the process of integration of the two states will be progressive and not tied to any deadlines, time parameters: problem solving step by step. ” According to the Belarusian leader, at this stage the union faces the task of implementing 28 union programs. “I think that in the next five years we will solve the tasks of these programs,” the head of state noted. Putin called the collapse of the USSR a tragedy, Lukashenko also reminded that Belarus participates in various integration associations. “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, three integration associations were formed in the post-Soviet space. The most advanced is the Union of Belarus and Russia. This is a deep, advanced integration formation. The second level is the Eurasian Economic Union. And the third level is the Commonwealth of Independent States. The depth of integration on these three levels – different “, – added the President. He noted that the work on deepening the Belarusian-Russian integration will lead to the existence of two sovereign states in a single economic space. The head of state recalled that union programs were recently approved to deepen Belarusian-Russian integration. “This is the future of our union. That is, we want to advance even more in the main directions of the union's formation, to unify the processes taking place in this space. In a word, this will lead to the existence of two sovereign states in a single economic space,” Lukashenko explained. attention also to the fact that the union of Belarus and Russia has an ethnic and economic basis. In addition, the countries are pursuing a common foreign policy, a common defense space has been created, that is, in fact, a single army. Lukashenko called Putin a brother


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