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“Do not stretch, do not yawn, have an even gait”

On December 13, at about 8:30 am, an explosion thundered in Serpukhov, near Moscow, on the territory of the Vladychny Vvedensky Convent. According to the Investigative Committee, 18-year-old Vladislav Struzhenkov, a former student of the Orthodox gymnasium at the monastery, committed a self-detonation by detonating an improvised explosive device at the door of the gymnasium. According to TASS, as a result of the explosion, 12 students of the gymnasium were injured – the Investigative Committee reported that one student was hospitalized, the rest were taken to the hospital “for examination”, none of the victims had serious injuries. Struzhenkov survived the explosion – now he is in intensive care, his leg was amputated. According to media reports, Struzhenkov's hatred of school teachers and nuns could have been the motive for the crime – during his studies he was allegedly subjected to persecution. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on attempted murder and illegal manufacture of explosives (part 3 of article 30, part 3 of article 105 and article 223.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Novaya Gazeta correspondents visited the site of the tragedy .

Journalists crowd the red-brick walls of the Vladychny Vvedensky Convent, they are not allowed to the scene of the tragedy – the monastery is cordoned off, along the streets framing the territory of the monastery, built up with rickety wooden and new brick private houses, cars of the FSB and the Investigative Committee ply.

The entrance on the west side of the monastery, leading directly to the grammar school, a two-story light brown brick building with a wide porch and a dark brown roof, is barricaded by a bus, along with a security officer in a helmet and bulletproof vest walking along. Crows circling and croaking over the gymnasium. At the entrance to the gymnasium, experts in respirators and white special suits are collecting material evidence from the snow. On the street, people pass by the entrance to the monastery, it seems, without paying any attention to what is happening inside.

The press approach of the senior assistant to the head of the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee (for interaction with the media) Olga Vradiy has just ended: she also said that the Investigative Committee does not classify the tragedy as a terrorist attack. According to the Investigative Committee, Struzhenkov “tried to commit suicide in a way that is generally dangerous for those around him.” His home was searched, and information about the harassment that Struzhenkov was allegedly subjected to, “can only be verified during interrogations.”

RF at the wall of the Investigative Monastery Photo: Anastasia Tsitsinova, specially for the “Novaya” pistol, two air rifles, machine gun, metal detector and packaging of tablets.

Suddenly, a woman in a pink hat with a pompom, a floor-length skirt and a bag in her hands emerges from the main entrance to the monastery. For the newspaper, she refuses to introduce herself, calls herself simply a “parishioner.” “This guy has such an age when a person does not yet understand what life is,” the woman begins to reflect on the causes of the tragedy. – Especially the boy. The boy, if he was not in the army, does not understand anything. When he goes through the school of life, he will begin to understand. I remember how in my time I sent my friends to the army, and they came from there as men. Here are the reasons:

This guy, firstly, did not serve, and secondly, his parents clearly brought up incorrectly, and thirdly, in the gymnasium, apparently, they gave the wrong morality. ”

“I myself didn’t hear the explosion, although I live nearby,” says “accountant Elena,” a young woman in a lilac down jacket and a pink hat, getting off the bike. – It's always so quiet, calm, candles are free – if you want, take it just like that, if you want – donate. And I often see high school students – they go straight to the service with the whole class. Such good children, well-mannered, obedient. I would have given my son here – he would have grown obedient, probably.

According to Elena, the tragedy in the monastery “didn’t scare her”: “Yes, life is generally scary. And terrorist attacks are everywhere, not only here, after all. ”

– I studied there – I went to Sunday school, – ceasing to chat with a friend, a tall fourth-grader from grammar school No. 1, located just eight hundred meters from the Orthodox grammar school at the monastery, seriously informs me. Every day they return home from school by the road that lies along the monastery wall. – It's okay there, the teachers are good.

– And my friend studies there, – declares her short blonde companion. – She says that one teacher yells at them if they do not live in the Orthodox way.

on the stairs to the stairs analysis. & nbsp; Photo: Anastasia Tsitsinova, specially for “Novaya”

“Orthodox classical gymnasium in the name of St. Varlaam Serpukhovsky ”, at the door of which the explosion took place, has the status of a general educational autonomous non-profit organization. On the one hand, it is an ordinary general education school in which boys study in the same classes as girls, and most of the subjects are taught by secular teachers. Students do not live on the territory of the monastery; they come to the gymnasium every day from home. Like all schoolchildren, they take the Unified State Exam – and, according to tenth-grader Alena (the name was changed at the request of the heroine), only a small percentage of graduates then go to higher religious educational institutions. On the other hand, this is a chamber educational institution with paid education (according to Alena, her parents pay 5 thousand rubles a month for tuition), small classes (an average of 15 people) and a religious bias – in addition to general education subjects, they teach Christian anthropology, church singing, Church Slavonic language and the Law of God (according to Alena, “some of these subjects are taught by a nun, some by a priest,” students are also given grades in these subjects). Students of the gymnasium attend church in an organized manner, and classes begin every day with a common prayer.

On the website of the gymnasium, I managed to find a list of “Mandatory rules for a gymnasium student” – in this list harmless wishes “not to spend a single day without good books – our main mentors” are combined with demands “not to lean back in your chair”, “not to stretch or yawn” and “have a straight gait.” According to Alena, “most of those who study in the gymnasium were sent there by force”:

“I have been studying there since the fifth grade. They sent me there, because in a regular school they smoke, drink, take drugs – but in an Orthodox gymnasium, like, they bring up the right way.

Serpentine port Photo: Anastasia Tsitsinova, specially for “Novaya”

I have not come across bullying – except that one math teacher constantly told us that we would not go anywhere, now she has already left the gymnasium. But if I was given the choice to study in a regular school or in an Orthodox one, I would choose an ordinary one. Because I do not like Orthodoxy, and many students do not like it, but here it is implanted. ”

According to Alena, she“ often crossed paths ”with Struzhenkov in the dining room and in the locker room:“ He is so calm, quiet, adequate. “

Vladislav Struzhenkov graduated from high school last year, what he did after graduating from high school is unknown. According to Kommersant reports, on December 13, at about 8 am, he approached the door of the gymnasium with a backpack containing a “saltpeter-based bomb loaded with submunitions” and tried to enter the school. The doors of the gymnasium turned out to be closed – inside the students read a prayer before the start of classes, the employees of the gymnasium (apparently, we are talking about the watchmen, who, according to the BBC Russian Service, performed the functions of guards, the employees of the private security company in the gymnasium did not work) inside Struzhenkov were not allowed. It was then that there was an explosion, which “knocked out both doors, wounding 12 people” inside.

. Residential buildings opposite the monastery Photo: Anastasia Tsitsinova, specially for “Novaya”

According to the telegram channel Baza, Struzhenkov's parents are divorced (according to Meduza, the publication is entered by the Ministry of Justice into the register of foreign media agents – Struzhenkov's parents separated about ten years ago, his mother started a new family, and the guy stayed with his father, grandfather and grandmother, who died two years ago). Recently, Vladislav drank antidepressants, while his father, Andrei Struzhenkov, allegedly “denied his son's mental disorder” and “did not allow him to take the necessary medications.” Vladislav's father Andrei Struzhenkov, according to Meduza's interlocutors, has recently been installing windows and often came home at night. The Telegram channel Mash has distributed screenshots from Andrey Struzhenkov's Instagram account: in many photographs Andrey is posing with machine guns, pistols and rifles, and in one of the photos he is holding a grenade.


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