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Inflation in Sweden peaks in nearly 30 years

ZURICH, Dec 14 Inflation in Sweden reached 3.6% in November amid rising electricity and fuel prices, a record high in the last 28 years, the country's Statistical Office said. “The inflation rate, according to the consumer price index, that is, the change in the consumer price index over the last 12-month period, was 3.6% in November 2021 year compared with 3.1% in October. The inflation rate was mainly influenced by the rise in prices for electricity and fuel, “- said in the message. It is specified that the contribution of these energy carriers amounted to about 1.8 percentage points, which corresponds to almost half of the inflation rate in November 2021. According to Swedish statistics agency Mikael Nurdin, “the rise in energy prices contributed to the highest inflation rate since December 1993.” eaters and the economy. Low levels of gas in storage facilities before the start of the heating season were one of the reasons for the increased prices.


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