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Logistics support vessel “Vsevolod Bobrov” headed to Sevastopol

SIMFEROPOL Dec 14 The newest logistic support vessel Vsevolod Bobrov is making an inter-fleet transition from Baltiysk to its main basing point – Sevastopol, where it will become part of the Black Sea Fleet, said the head of the Black Sea Fleet's information support department, Captain 2nd Rank Alexei Rulev. In August of this year, Vsevolod Bobrov was received in the composition of the Navy, the St. Andrew's flag was raised on it. “The ship will make the transition to a permanent base – Sevastopol, it will become part of the Black Sea Fleet,” RIA Novosti Rulev told RIA Novosti, noting that the transition from the Baltic to the Black Sea could take depending on weather conditions, a month or more. Earlier, the flagship specialists of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, who arrived in Baltiysk, carried out an inspection of the material part of the vessel, allowed the personnel to exit and inter-fleet passage. FSB: the ship of the Ukrainian Navy, moving in the direction of Kerch, lay on the opposite course The length of the vessel is about 95 meters, the width is about 22 meters, the draft is about 9 meters, the displacement is 9.5 thousand tons, the cruising range is about 5 thousand miles, the autonomy is about 60 days, the crew is 27 people. During rescue operations, the vessel can take on board up to 43 people, including crew members. Project 23120 Vsevolod Bobrov, a logistics support vessel, is designed to carry cargo, tow, conduct hydrographic studies, and provide assistance to ships in distress. Thanks to crane equipment and a dynamic positioning system, the vessel can carry out loading operations at unequipped quay walls and in the open sea. Automation class A1 provides unattended service. The hull with ice class ARC4 is designed to overcome 0.6 m thick ice.


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