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Mayor of Birobidzhan resigns

KHABAROVSK, 14 Dec. Mayor of Birobidzhan Alexander Golovaty resigned, he left the post after serving only half of the five-year term, the mayor's office told RIA Novosti. “Alexander Golovatyy resigned of his own free will, his application was submitted to the city duma for consideration, after which the date of the competition for the post of mayor of the city will be determined. The mayor will work until December 30 inclusively. the dates will determine who will act as the head of the mayor's office in Birobidzhan, “the city administration reported. As the local media wrote, in Birobidzhan they still cannot clean up the consequences of the snow cyclone in early December; Golovaty wrote a letter of resignation after meeting with the governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Rostislav Goldstein. The mayor's office of RIA Novosti did not confirm or deny this information. Golovaty was elected mayor of Birobidzhan in April 2019. Most of the City Duma deputies voted for his appointment for a five-year term. Prior to that, he headed the administration of the Obluchensky urban settlement for six years. He became the mayor after the early resignation of his predecessor Yevgeny Korostelev (he held this post since 2015), on which a criminal case was opened for abuse of office.


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