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Scientists have named the secrets of people who never get fat

It's important to eat fewer calories than you expend.

When some people they say that they eat as much as they want, and at the same time do not get better, it seems like a fairy tale. But in fact, such unique ones exist, reports with reference to Domashny Ochag.

All tips for & nbsp; weight loss come down to & nbsp; one thing – to reduce the number of calories consumed and & nbsp; to increase their consumption. Such an imbalance between the supply of energy to the body from the outside in the & nbsp; form of food and & nbsp; its costs forces to use internal reserves. These reserves and & nbsp; are fat.

The metabolic rate of people is different. For example, teenagers who are actively growing burn calories just as quickly. The reason for this is the high amount of steroids. They are produced in men in the testes, and in women in the follicles and in the corpus luteum of the ovaries.

However, nutritionists have also noticed that all thin people lead, as a rule, the same lifestyle. They go to bed around 10-11 pm and wake up at 5-6 am. It is at this time that the hormones leptin and ghrelin are produced, which are responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety. If people don't get enough sleep, they feel hungry, no matter how much they eat. Also, sleep deprivation is stressful. And the hormone cortisol promotes the accumulation of fat during stress.

People who do not get fat eat very often. And this is quite understandable – they maintain a high level of metabolism, preventing the body from being “afraid” of the impending hunger and starting to store in the form of fat.

But there is something that a person cannot change. Heredity also plays a big role. A group of scientists from Cambridge studied the DNA of nearly two thousand thin people who do not have anorexia, ScienceDaily wrote. They compared them to the DNA of nearly 14,000 people of varying weight from the Serger Institute.

“Our study shows for the first time that healthy, slender people also stay that way because they have fewer genes that increase the chances of being overweight. … We have much less control over our weight than is commonly thought, ”said Dr. Sadaf Farooqi. Researchers have found genes responsible for obesity tendencies and another group of inherited factors that contribute to a lean physique.


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