GENERICO.ruWorldThe media suggested that the bombings in Cucuta were directed against the mayor of the city

The media suggested that the bombings in Cucuta were directed against the mayor of the city

MOSCOW, Dec 14 The bombings at Cucuta airport in Colombia were allegedly directed against the mayor the city of Jairo Yanes, writes the newspaper Tiempo. Earlier, the media reported about two explosions at the airport. One was committed by a man with an explosive device, he died. In the second case, a suspicious box detonated. Two policemen were killed. “According to some reports, the attack was directed against the mayor of Cucuta, Jairo Yanez, but it was found that the local official had already taken off on the Cucuta-Bogotá flight at the time of the explosions.” The target of the attack is considered an attack on two helicopters parked at the airport. One of them belongs to the Colombian Air Force, the other to the National Police. These helicopters were actively involved in special operations against criminal groups in the region. In June, a terrorist attack took place in the location of a military unit in Cucuta, 36 people were injured. In August, unidentified persons detonated an improvised explosive device at a police station in the city, injuring 12 police officers and two civilians. The authorities then said that the explosions were fighters from the rebel Army of National Liberation and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. In November, law enforcement officers detained the alleged organizer of the attack on President Ivan Duque, which also took place in Cucuta. The helicopter of the head of state on June 25 was fired upon by unknown persons from the ground, Duque was not injured. The organizer of the attack on the president was caught in Colombia


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