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“Wagner” finished badly

The European Union acknowledged that the Wagner PMC exists and announced sanctions, which affected eight people and three companies. Of the seven, four were awarded a ceremonial photo with the President of Russia. At least two of them were awarded the highest distinction for heroism.

This photograph, taken on Heroes of the Fatherland Day in the Kremlin, shows five people. Center – Vladimir Putin. To the right and to the left of him – Dmitry Utkin (far right), Andrey Troshev, Alexander Kuznetsov, Andrey Bogatov

EU sanctions are divided into four themes:

  • Ukraine ,
  • Libya,
  • Syria
  • and human rights violations.

A total of three organizations and eight people, including Heroes Russian Federation.

The shortest list is Libyan.

The European Union has appointed Alexander Kuznetsov , better known as Ratibor , commander of the first Wagner assault squad. In the past, a special forces major from the Moscow region of Solnechnogorsk, in 2008 Kuznetsov unsuccessfully fell under a criminal case for robbery and kidnapping. He was released from prison on parole in 2013, in 2014 he already fought with Wagner. For his affairs in the south-east of Ukraine and in Syria, he was marked with an unprecedented set of awards for an “official” serviceman: four Orders of Courage. Information about the awarding of the title of Hero has not yet been confirmed.

Alexander Kuznetsov (Ratibor)

There are three characters in the” Ukrainian “list, and one of them is actually Wagner himself, aka < strong> Dmitry Utkin … The reserve lieutenant colonel, the former commander of a separate detachment from the Pskov special forces brigade, needs no introduction, his call sign (which he has not used in operations for a long time) has become a global brand. Utkin received from the President of Russia at least four Orders of Courage, and, according to rumors, the title of Hero of Russia. But, as in the case of Ratibor, we have not yet received sufficient confirmation of the heroic title.

According to the document, Utkin “was personally present on the battlefield in Ukraine, coordinated and planned the activities of the Wagnerites.

Dmitry Utki >

“Given his commanding position, he is thus responsible for active actions that undermined and endangered the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.” As far as we know,

Mr. Utkin's business interests are limited to a couple of grocery stores registered for his spouse, which hardly need European lending, so the sanctions will not upset him much.

Denis Kharitonov is a deputy of the Duma of the Astrakhan region from United Russia, a functionary of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, a Wagner veteran, one of the thirty-three “soldiers of fortune” detained by Lukashenko's special services near Minsk in July 2020. Why exactly he was honored to be included in the sanctions list is not entirely clear. Probably one of the few explicit and documented Wagnerites who made an official political career.


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