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White House is looking into sending troops to Europe over Ukraine, Psaki said

WASHINGTON Dec 13 The White House is looking into sending troops to Eastern Europe if the situation escalates over Ukraine, said US President's spokeswoman Jen Psaki. At the briefing, Psaki was asked if sending the military is part of the possible support measures for NATO allies. “If you look at 2014 year, many of the NATO partner countries have asked for support, asked for an increase (military) presence, or requested additional rotational deployment (troops). Of course, this opportunity is on the table if Russia decides to invade Ukraine, “said Psaki. Vladimir Putin had previously informed his American counterpart Joe Biden about Ukraine's failure to comply with the Minsk agreements and sabotaging the agreements, and also noted that it was NATO that was making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory and building up its military potential at the Russian borders. On Monday, during a telephone conversation, Putin pointed out to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the active military “development” of the territory of Ukraine by NATO countries, which threatens the security of Russia. The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov noted that the escalation of information tension around the Russian troops is being done with the aim of its further demonization and positioning as a side of a potential aggressor. Putin said that Moscow will present draft documents on the non-promotion of NATO On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti that the actions of the United States and NATO allies suggest that they are preparing to repeat the sad experience of the Caribbean crisis, but on a new military-technical base, the consequences of such steps are difficult to predict. According to him, Europe's dismissive approach to security on the continent, including following the US training manuals, is disappointing. Ryabkov believes that the United States “in a strange way” is fixated on the topic of an alleged “Russian invasion” of Ukraine, it does not exist and cannot be, while Washington has neither the moral nor the political right to raise the question of what Russia is doing on its territory. claims of the United States and other Western countries for interference in the affairs of neighboring countries, including Ukraine. Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not threatening anyone and is not going to attack anyone, and statements about “Russian aggression” are used as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near Russian borders. The Russian Foreign Ministry previously noted that Western statements about “Russian aggression” and the opportunity to help Kiev defend itself against it are both ridiculous and dangerous. sides of Russia at the borders of Ukraine. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is moving troops within its territory and at its own discretion. According to him, this does not threaten anyone and should not bother anyone.


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