GENERICO.ruSportCSKA defender Nesterov on goalkeeper changes in overtime: I always dominate

CSKA defender Nesterov on goalkeeper changes in overtime: I always dominate

MOSCOW, Dec 15, Semyon Galkevich. Defender of the Russian national hockey and Moscow teams CSKA Nikita Nesterov said that he is always confident in himself and always dominates in the course of matches. The Channel One Cup, the second stage of the Eurotour of the season, will be held in Moscow from December 15 to 19. “For me, getting to the Olympics with the participation of the NHL is a challenge. I want to compete with the strongest players in the world. And I have every chance: there is the Channel One Cup, where I have to prove and show that I can play at this level. As for the overtime goalkeeper substitutions that we practice at CSKA, I will not say that it somehow adds confidence. In general, I am always confident in myself, always dominate. You play just like the majority, and that's all. You don't even pay attention, in fact, that you have an empty net, “Nesterov told reporters.” With a coach defenders Sergei Gonchar, we crossed paths at football as spectators. I went a couple of times in 2017 when I was changed from Tampa to Montreal. He played in Montreal, so he told me how to behave there, what to do. We are Russians, both from Chelyabinsk, gave me a couple of nuances. There are no memories of the coach Claude Julien, who trains Canadians at the Channel One Cup, “Nesterov said.


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