GENERICO.ruSportFetisov: we were not the "Red Car", we played creative hockey

Fetisov: we were not the “Red Car”, we played creative hockey

MOSCOW, Dec 15, Oleg Bogatov. The USSR national team played the best hockey in the world, now athletes performing under the brand “Red Machine” need to try very hard to prove their involvement in the form and quality of the game of the past, said two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov. On Wednesday it became known that the Russian team will play in retro form at the Channel One Cup , made in the style of 1956. “I like this idea, – said Fetisov. – Because our Soviet hockey players entered the history of world sports as one of the best. , included four Soviet hockey players. And they are all army men. I got the most points. Vladislav Tretyak, Sergey Makarov and Valery Kharlamov were also included in the top six in the game. And Wayne Gretzky with (Swede) Burye Salming. ” He said that the very name “Red Machine” is a challenge for the players. “We played another hockey, we were not the” Red Machine “(as the Soviet team was called abroad – approx. ed.), – emphasized Fetisov. – Will the guys be able to justify the name of the USSR national team? This is a philosophical question. We want them to win as much as we do. But to play Soviet hockey, you have to be a Soviet person. We still played a different, creative hockey. We were not any “Red Machine”, and the “Red Machine” has neither creativity, nor the art of performance, nor mutual understanding, nor emotions. It's a shame when we were called a car, although we were the most creative team in the history of world hockey. “


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