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German Chancellor announced readiness for constructive dialogue with Russia

BERLIN, Dec 15 Germany is ready for constructive dialogue with Russia, but this should not be understood as a unilateral new “Eastern policy” of Berlin, said Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “We & lt; …” he, speaking in the Bundestag. At the same time, the politician noted that in the EU there can only be a common “Eastern policy” based on the principles of European law and a peaceful order, obligations to comply with which Moscow has assumed. assessment of the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine. “We will hold intensive consultations in this regard at the EU summit and today's Eastern Partnership summit … Any violation of territorial integrity will have a high cost, and we will talk here to work with our European partners and transatlantic allies with one voice, “Scholz said. in the West, a new wave of accusations arose that Russia was preparing an invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied these statements, emphasizing that it does not threaten anyone, and that the movement of troops on Russian territory should not bother anyone. As noted in the Kremlin, such attacks are used as an excuse to deploy more military equipment and NATO forces near the Russian borders. Russia has also repeatedly stated that it is ready for dialogue and cooperation with Western countries. ” Zelensky is trapped. ” Will Kiev decide on a referendum on Donbass


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