GENERICO.ruSport"I would have pulled out my tongue": Kavazashvili smashed Spartak and Fedun after Vitoria left

“I would have pulled out my tongue”: Kavazashvili smashed Spartak and Fedun after Vitoria left

S.-PETERSBURG, Dec 15, Sergey Yaremenko. Former goalkeeper of the USSR national team and Moscow “Spartak” Anzor Kavazashvili criticized the decision of the leadership of the “red and white” to dismiss the head coach Ruy Vitoria. “Spartak” on Wednesday announced the dismissal of the Portuguese coach, who worked at the club for half the season. will say that Vitoria's team does not run, you can snatch the tongue from such a person. The team rushes two halves and in some matches wins with ten men. Although in a purely human sense I do not really support Rui Vitoria. He initially made himself a dependent person. He did not insist that he should be the main one in the team, not members of the board of directors or relatives of the owner of the club. For this Rui Vitoria should be offended at himself. But he is unlikely to be offended. Rather, he will say – I brought the team to the first place in the Europa League group, I'm a hero. Among mediocre teams in Russia, “Spartak” became the ninth, and among strong rivals in Europe – the first “, – said Kavazashvili.” I do not understand the policy of Mr. Fe dong and his entourage. This is not the case with coaching staff! The coach must work for one and a half to two years. You can't fire them all the time. The coaching staff hears all this talk that they are about to be filmed. Coaches cannot buy real footballers. The coach is forced to create a team of players who are not ready for a club like Spartak. Football players are not seeds that sprout in a couple of months. You have to work for years. But the owner is a master. Apparently Fedun wants it that way. Or maybe he doesn’t want to, but someone is forcing him. I do not know – I am not close to Fedun's family, “said Kavazashvili. According to the former goalkeeper of the USSR national team, Paolo Vanoli, whom the media calls the main contender for the head coach of the” red-white “, like Rui Vitoria, will work a maximum of six months.” Now Vanoli will come and will also work for six months. What kind of coach is he? Sat as an assistant at Conte. It is unclear what he is. Vanoli doesn't know Spartak football. Will come to the dark forest. And again the team will begin to climb and suffer, “Kavazashvili said.


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