GENERICO.ruWorldIn Yaroslavl, a bus drove into a bus stop and hit a girl

In Yaroslavl, a bus drove into a bus stop and hit a girl

YAROSLAVL, 15 Dec. A shuttle bus in Yaroslavl entered the stop due to a slippery road and knocked down a girl, and then continued on his way, without waiting for the police, the driver could be deprived of his license for leaving the scene of an accident. “The driver of the PAZ shuttle bus lost control, drove onto the sidewalk and knocked down a girl born in 2005 who was standing in the area of ​​the Ploschad Yunosti public transport stop, who later sought medical help with bruises,” the message says. September 27, 10:37 am The car drove into a bus stop in Kaliningrad The police clarify that there are no other victims of the accident. The bus left the scene of the accident, but the police found the number and identified the driver – a man born in 1977. At the time of the accident, he was sober, the department notes. “After inspecting the accident site, the State Traffic Inspectorate drew up an act on unsatisfactory road conditions (slipperiness), this deficiency was subsequently eliminated,” the message says. Administrative proceedings were initiated against the driver. “The traffic police establish all the circumstances of the incident … For leaving the driver, in violation of the traffic rules, of the accident scene, of which he was a participant, the deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of one to one and a half years or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days is provided,” informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs region. In Samara, a driver without a license caused an accident with 11 cars and a tram


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