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“It makes no sense to explain”: Esmantovich – on the role in the Russian national hockey team

MOSCOW, Dec 15, Andrey Senchenko. President of CSKA Moscow and advisor to the head coach Russian national hockey team Igor Esmantovich said that everyone in the national team works for the result. “The entire staff of the national team works for the result. Of course, everyone has their own functional responsibilities. But I think that there is no point in explaining and showing everything in detail. the fate of CSKA at the time of my departure with Sergei Fedorov to Beijing, we have foreseen everything in advance. Work is underway to prepare the team for future games. We have our own training program, we will hold training camps in Belarus. Everything will remain in the competence of the other coaches, ” – Yesmantovich told reporters. Also the head of CSKA spoke about the representatives of the “red-blue” in the main national team and the youth team. “I would not say that CSKA is becoming the base club of the Russian national team, but those players who rykh were called up to the national team, they deserved it with their work and attitude. Konstantin Okulov was not taken? Well, the coaching staff decided so. Kostya is one of the top 6 strikers in CSKA, but my opinion on his candidacy is absolutely identical to that of the national team's coaching staff. Almost no one from CSKA was called up to the youth team? I am not ready to give my assessment to this. There are people who are responsible for the affairs of the team. Whatever the outcome, they will have to answer the questions that we can all ask later, “Esmantovich added.


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