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Mini-zoo owners must obtain a license by January 1st

MOSCOW, Dec 15 All circuses, zoos, aquariums, dolphinariums, as well as other organizations and individual entrepreneurs that keep and use animals for cultural and entertainment purposes must obtain a license for such activities by January 1, otherwise they face a fine, RIA Novosti told the press – service of the Rosselkhoznadzor. “If, after the New Year, during the inspection it turns out that the organization does not have a license, a fine will be imposed and an appeal to the court to suspend activities will be initiated,” the press service said. Currently, the department is working to issue such licenses … From January 1, 2022, carrying out activities without this document will entail an administrative fine: for officials – from 4 to 5 thousand rubles, for legal entities – from 40 to 50 thousand rubles. According to the service, all major Russian circuses, zoos and aquariums have received licenses. Meanwhile, a significant part of potential licensees are individual entrepreneurs with small zoos and “living corners”: such persons, the service notes, often ignore the requirements of the law and do not send applications for a license. “If these organizations keep animals in cultural and entertainment venues purposes, and their activities are aimed at making a profit, then they are subject to supervision and must also obtain a license, “the press service explained. All organizations that did not apply for a license were included in the inspection plans for next year: how reported in the press service, the plan of inspections is being approved by the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. In addition, within the framework of the inspections, it is planned to involve Rosprirodnadzor, whose powers include, among other things, the seizure of animals. Deputy Burmatov will ask the Prosecutor General's Office to check circuses and zoos Activity at the end of the year Rosselkhoznadzor previously indicated that licensing issues were discussed with trade unions and business representatives throughout the current year. The agency also reported that it has no right to consider the issue of postponing the licensing of activities, but is ready to carry out an assessment as soon as possible. According to the service, as of December 3, about 600 organizations were engaged in the maintenance and use of animals for cultural and entertainment purposes in the Russian Federation. As of this date, 302 applications were received from applicants, 110 licenses were issued. Due to non-compliance with the requirements of the legislation, 52 applicants were denied a license, and a package of documents was returned to 14 applicants. “Currently, 136 applications received from business entities in the first half of November are in progress. As expected, the service began to receive most of the applications. at the end of the year, “the department reports. The decision to extradite seven more will be made this week, the press service specified.


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