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Moderna allowed simultaneous infection with omicron and delta

LONDON Dec 15 There is a possibility of infection with two strains of coronavirus at once – “omicron” and “delta”, which can lead to further mutations, warned the chief medical officer of the American pharmaceutical company Moderna Paul Burton. Burton said during a speech at the Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons. that two variants of the coronavirus can be infected at once, in particular, patients with reduced immunity. This, he said, makes it possible for the two strains to “exchange genes.” “In the coming months, these two viruses (strains omicron and delta – ed.) Will coexist, and omicron … will begin to infect people in the background a very difficult situation with the “delta”, this can lead to situations where people … will be infected with two variants, which makes it possible for these viruses to further evolve and mutate, this situation raises concerns, “Burton said. At the same time, he expressed confidence, that omicron is no less dangerous strain. Gunzburg answered the question whether Sputnik V protects against the omicron strain “In fact, I don't think the omicron is a lighter, less severe version of the current virus,” Burton said. According to him, the primary data indicate a high level of hospitalization and comparable to the “delta” number of patients with this strain in intensive care units. The new strain B.1.1.529 was found in Botswana and South Africa in the twenties of November. It contains dozens of mutations in the S-protein, which the pathogen needs to infect cells. According to the researchers, many of the new changes in the SARS-CoV-2 genome indicate a high transmissibility of this variant and resistance to protective antibodies of those who have been ill and vaccinated, although it is too early to draw final conclusions. B.1.1.529 is believed to have originally developed in an immunocompromised person, such as one infected with HIV. The World Health Organization has designated B.1.1.529 as “of concern” and has named it omicron, after the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. Experts believe that those who have already been ill and vaccinated can become infected, and the symptoms range from fatigue to headaches and body aches. that omicron has spread to most countries in the world


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