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Russian scientists have figured out how to prevent emergencies in production

MOSCOW, Dec 15 Russian scientists have developed a software package capable of predicting and preventing man-made disasters and emergencies at work, the press service of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) told RIA Novosti. Center of Moscow State University have developed and tested a software package for predictive analytics of technical systems, which allows predicting and, as a result, preventing failures and equipment failures in production. Companies will be able to avoid serious breakdowns, downtime, emergencies and man-made disasters, “the agency's interlocutor said. According to the program, the program analyzes the accumulated database of historical data and data transmitted from sensors in real time. If there is not enough information, and also when it is necessary to predict previously unoccupied or unexplored events, digital twins are used in the construction of predictive models. In addition, the NTI explained, the software complex predicts abnormal operating modes of equipment, notifies the operator in advance of a possible breakdown and proposes preventive measures for its prevention. At the same time, reports on the condition of the equipment adapted to their needs are formed for various specialists of the enterprise. “The solution will help companies to abandon scheduled repairs and carry out repairs only when they are really needed. Potential consumers: production and mining companies in the oil and gas, metallurgical, energy and other The cost of implementing the software package starts from 2-4 million rubles “, – explained the interlocutor of the agency. Now the development of scientists has been tested at several industrial sites, the names of which are not disclosed. The study showed that a company can save up to 60-70 million rubles a year on just one type of equipment. evacuation in case of emergency


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