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Scientists estimate the number of asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus

MOSCOW, 14 Dec. Scientists from Peking University published a review article in JAMA Network Open, which summarized the results of 95 studies regarding the assessment of the proportion of asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2. It turned out that among people with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, this is about 40 percent. That is, two out of five people with coronavirus are asymptomatic. The review included cross-sectional and cohort studies, as well as case series studies published in Chinese or English. Cumulatively, the review covers more than 29 million people, and the cumulative percentage of asymptomatic infections in the population tested was 0.25 percent. The analysis was carried out separately in such groups as: residents of nursing homes (4.52 percent), air and cruise ship passengers (2.02 percent), medical workers and patients of general hospitals (0.4 percent) and pregnant women (2, 34 percent). Among those with confirmed COVID-19, asymptomatic carriers accounted for 40.5 percent. The authors note that most of these patients did not seek medical help and could not be detected by temperature screening. Almost all of them were identified either during mass testing in narrow risk groups, or during contact control in the environment of the sick. That is, most likely, the percentage of asymptomatic carriers is actually much higher. Fast and dangerous. When the omicron strain of coronavirus takes over the world Given that the viral load in the upper respiratory tract in the first days after infection in asymptomatic patients is comparable to that in patients with symptoms, in order to bring the spread of coronavirus under control, it is necessary to conduct massive testing, the researchers said. Moreover, according to scientists, identified asymptomatic carriers should, as well as patients with symptoms, adhere to all restrictive measures, and their contacts must be monitored. “A high percentage of asymptomatic infected indicates a potential risk of transmission of infection in communities. is necessary, especially in countries and regions that have already successfully controlled the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Asymptomatic infections should be controlled in the same way as for confirmed infections, including isolation and contact tracing, “- write the authors of the article. Omicron-strain will require revaccination, scientists have found out


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