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Somnologists suggested how to fall asleep faster: six ways

It is important to recuperate while sleeping.

Chronic tiredness or overwork also disrupts the mode of work of our body before going to bed, as well as during wakefulness. We have collected several important tips from experts on how to fall asleep faster and really have a rest at night. & nbsp; when I gave you warm milk before going to bed! It contains alpha lactalbumin. It is a protein & nbsp; which is rich in tryptophan, & nbsp; promotes the production of melatonin. And & nbsp; he, in & nbsp; in turn, & nbsp; helps to sleep better. In addition, & nbsp; calcium helps the absorption of tryptophan.

2. Turn off the sleep tracker

Fitness bracelets, & nbsp; which, among other things, measure the quality of sleep, & nbsp; are now very popular. But & nbsp; studies show & nbsp; that those who track & nbsp; results often experience pressure and & nbsp; responsibility for & nbsp; sleep quality, & nbsp; they even have increased levels of anxiety! This phenomenon was called & nbsp; “orphosomnia” & nbsp; – concern about how to improve the quality of sleep. But, in essence, & nbsp; a person thus only worsens it.

3. Meditate

Meditation can help reduce cortisol production and worry less about stress. All of these are good for good sleep. On the & nbsp; Internet, you can find a lot of educational videos on & nbsp; the topic of calming down before & nbsp; a night's rest.

4. Turn your bed into a & nbsp; place to & nbsp; sleep

If you & nbsp; often check your email or chat on & nbsp; social networks without & nbsp; ; bed, & nbsp; the brain gets used to & nbsp; activity and & nbsp; it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. Somnologists also recommend reading books not & nbsp; where you sleep. & Nbsp; an hour before & nbsp; sleep, it is better to stop looking at & nbsp; screens altogether.

5. Turn on the air conditioner

Sleeping in & nbsp; cool is very useful, & nbsp; temperature in & nbsp; bedroom in & nbsp; ideally should not & nbsp; exceed 20 degrees. It helps to lower your body temperature and & nbsp; start the process of falling asleep.

6. Blink

This funny tip doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try. Blink nonstop for a minute and you will most likely want to sleep right away.


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