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Doctors explained why animal allergies occur and what to do while doing this

How to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Sneezing, constantly stuffy nose , tears, dry cough – this is not a complete list of symptoms of animal hair allergy. In addition to unpleasant symptoms, allergies can lead to the development of asthma. Is it possible & nbsp; to cure this type of allergy & nbsp; and live with your pet without unpleasant symptoms, the allergist Anastasia Levchenko helped to figure it out.

Is this how an allergy occurs to wool or saliva of animals?

Most people whose contact with pets leads to dry cough, watery eyes, headaches and other manifestations of allergies believe that & nbsp; the reaction occurs precisely on the hair of a dog or cat … And they give birth to hairless pets, especially in this regard, Sphynx cats are popular.

There were cases when a patient with an allergy to animals insisted that their beloved cat had nothing to do with it, since it is a hairless breed, – says Anastasia Levchenko. However, cats without hair are much more likely to groom themselves. Allergy happens exclusively to proteins, which are also contained in saliva. It is precisely on the components of the cat's saliva that get on the pet's fur or skin that a person reacts to.

In addition to saliva, a large number of other secretions from hairless cat breeds enter the environment: dandruff, urine. & Nbsp; They also contain allergens.

How to remove animal allergies without leaving your pet?

If you reduce contact with your pet, close the entrance to your bedroom, use air purifiers with HEPA filters, you can reduce the manifestation of allergic symptoms. But at the same time, you will also have to remove carpets on which wool, saliva and urine of animals accumulate, bathe pets with special shampoos …

All these measures can really & nbsp; reduce the symptoms of the disease . But in general, this problem will not solve. Even if you donate a cat or a dog, the amount of allergens in the air will be high for about six months.

Dog allergens settle on the floor quite quickly, but cat allergens are very microscopic, ten times less than house dust mite allergen, so & nbsp ; easily enter the respiratory system … Such molecules fly freely in the air for several hours and it is not an easy task to clear a room of them.

If a person is & nbsp; allergic to cats , and he will visit the room where the cat used to be ( without knowing it) or brings a molecule from the street – then symptoms may occur. But there is a way out of the situation.

Is it possible to cure an allergy to animals?

Modern allergology and immunology make it possible to accurately determine which specific molecules & nbsp; cause allergies. & nbsp; To do this, you need to go through the diagnostics. Then the doctor, based on the results, will select the most effective method of treatment.

There is an allergen in the saliva of a cat or dog, which consists of eight components. Today, at the molecular level & nbsp; it is possible to determine & nbsp; which component the patient's body reacts to. & Nbsp; Based on these results, you can even make a certain prediction, that is, find out what other irritants a person will have & nbsp; allergic reaction .

Sometimes pet owners insist that their cat or dog pass the test & # 187 ;, – & nbsp;

, thinking that this will help too. Of course, you can also bring a cat, but you don't need to. After all, we will treat the patient, not his pet.

says Anastasia Levchenko

There are also special nutrition and vaccines for cats, after which they emit less allergens. It is also scientifically proven that contact with cats and dogs in early childhood helps & nbsp; avoid allergies to pets & nbsp; and plant pollen already in adults.

Children who have been in contact with animals from birth almost never & nbsp; have not suffered from allergies. & nbsp; Those who did not have pets became allergic in 49 percent of cases.

Animal allergies are treated, consult a doctor!

People with animal allergies are often unaware that this disease & nbsp; can be cured … Modern methods of treatment will return you comfort, and you will not have to part with your beloved pet.

The problem of allergies to pets & nbsp; is solved by specific immunotherapy & nbsp; (SIT). The method of treatment consists in introducing micro doses of allergens into the human body, to which it reacts.

Thus, & nbsp; the immune system trains & nbsp; and learns to adequately perceive stimuli. And after some time, the body stops perceiving a cat or a dog as an aggressor, posing a threat.

But the process of treatment itself is lengthy and can take several years. However & nbsp; therapy is quite simple & nbsp; and does not take a lot of time – once a week or once a month you need to receive injections with a micro dose of the irritant.

If you are afraid of injections , then you can replace it with tablets or a spray that is injected under the tongue. It has a fruity taste, which is especially popular with children. A decrease in the manifestation of allergies and an improvement in well-being are observed already from the first months of treatment.


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