GENERICO.ruWorldIn New York, a vandal painted a swastika on Wall Street Attack Bull

In New York, a vandal painted a swastika on Wall Street Attack Bull

NEW YORK, Dec 16, Alan Bulkata. NYPD is looking for a man wearing a poncho , who painted a swastika on a bronze statue of the “Attacking Bull”, told RIA Novosti in the city's police department. This person may be associated with two more incidents, police said. “We believe that this is part of the same plot. There are three different incidents, in which we believe one person participated in. The first occurred on December 3 at a construction site. A man painted three swastikas on the wall. The second happened on December 13 – a man painted a swastika on a column of the city hall. And the third happened yesterday, December 14, when a man sprayed black paint, depicting a swastika on the statue of the “Attacking Bull”, – said an employee of the department. According to her, the suspect wears a black and gray poncho, a black backpack, black jeans, colored sneakers, and is probably limping. The motives of the intruder are still unknown. This is not lane the first time the Wall Street Bull is injured. In September 2019, 42-year-old Tevon Varlak hit the statue with a banjo several times, leaving cracks and scratches around the Attack Bull's right horn. The vandal was detained by the police. The 3.2 tonnes “Attacking Bull” bronze statue was installed on Wall Street in 1989 by the sculptor Arturo di Modica. Don't get in – you'll sit down. For the demolition of monuments in the United States will be arrestedPresident of the United States ordered the federal authorities to arrest the vandals who demolish the monuments and sentenced them to imprisonment for up to 10 years. But the local authorities themselves have already learned to get rid of unwanted statues quite legally.


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